Are you considering reconnecting with education? Here are some of the questions that young adults in your shoes have asked us.

Can I still get a high school diploma if I dropped out of high school?
Absolutely. There are programs that will let you keep any credits you’ve already earned and will help you figure out what you still need to get your high school diploma.

Can I still get a high school diploma if I am older than 21?
Yes! High School 21+ is a great option for young people looking to earn their high school diploma who have already turned 21. Many community and technical colleges in King County currently offer a High School 21+ program.

What is a GED and what can it do for me?
The GED, which stands for General Education Development, is a high school equivalency test with four subject areas. Like a high school diploma, a GED can help you get a better job and enroll in college or other training programs.

Can I go to college if I pass the GED?
Definitely – there are even dual enrollment programs that can help you work towards passing the GED while earning college credits. Many programs can link you with Seattle Education Access, whose staff can help you make the transition to college, whether for a four-year, two-year or a shorter-term training program.

Can I enroll in a re-engagement program as an undocumented immigrant?
Yes you can. There are even some programs that can help you prepare to take the GED in Spanish! Our team will make sure you end up in the program that is the best fit for you.

If I pass the GED instead of a diploma can I still qualify for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)?
Definitely. And, we can connect you to a program with a case manager who can help you out with both your GED and your DACA paperwork!

How do I know if it’s better to finish my diploma or work towards the GED?
That’s up to you. There are a lot of factors to consider, including how many credits you have already earned, how much time you have to spend on a diploma or GED, and what your future goals are. Our team is more than happy to help you think this through. Let’s talk!

What if I’m not ready to focus on my future?
That’s okay. If you want help getting ready to focus on your future, our team is more than happy to have that conversation with you. If not, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

What employment opportunities can you connect me to?
We have relationships with various types of employers throughout King County.  We’ll help you find a job according to your interests and goals.  Depending on your experience, an employment training or job readiness program might be a good fit for you.

I am under 16.  Are there programs that will help me finish high school?
Of course!  Please contact us so that we can discuss the specifics of your situation.  There are some re-engagement programs that accept 15 year-olds.  We can connect you to community resources or help you re-enroll in a traditional or alternative high school.

Are there options for continuing my education online?
Yes!  Both 100% online as well as hybrid options (some in-person classes, some online coursework) are available.  Please contact us to learn about them.