Apply Today for the WTIA Workforce Institute!

Our state is the top recruiter of tech talent in the country.  The WTIA Workforce Institute wants to expend the local talent pool by providing a program where you can “learn and earn” and receive support to land a job in the tech industry!

Their year-long program offers 14-weeks of training followed by full-time apprenticeships where you will get paid and receive valuable on-the-job training.  A few of the jobs you could train for with WTIA Workforce Institute include:

  • Database Administrator
  • Product Support Staff
  • Project Manager
  • Lab Technician – hardware, machinist
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Staff
  • Software Application Developer

The requirements for this program include being a U.S. Citizen, the ability to work 40 hours per week, a passion for tech, and a strong understanding of math.

The first step to participate is to create an account online, where you can review program resources and take a test.  If you score high enough on the test will receive an invitation to discuss your interests and skills.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!