“I felt like I couldn’t be who I really was there. I had teachers telling me I had to be someone I wasn’t. Here, I can tell teachers what I need and they’ll help me…” “… If it wasn’t for Tevin, I wouldn’t know this option was out there.”

– Avion 

“I’m a helpful person. I like to do community service. I actually did a toy drive and gave it to a police department to give to kids that have been victims of domestic violence. I know it sounds weird but I want to make a difference in a person’s life even in a minor way. Even if it is just one life, I want to make the world a bit safer”

– Delia

“Although resources aren’t given to you, the resources are out there. I would say find someone who has been through what you’re going through and ask for support.”

– Hikma

“I want to go to a technical college and get more hands on skills and make a career. PSSC sets everyone up so perfectly. They get you hands on skills right away, so now I can go to a technical college already having some skills.”

– Inecio