Inecio’s Story

An interview with Inecio Robles, who is a student in VITAL at the Puget Sound Skills Center.

Peer Connector Freda Crichton: Tell me about yourself and your story. You can talk about how you got to where you are now and maybe some of the challenges and barriers you faced.

Inecio: My name is Inecio Robles. I am 17 years old. I started at Highline High School. I went there for 9th and 10th grade. Freshmen year, I failed some classes. It was a bad start. Sophomore year, I failed more classes because I started skipping more because school didn’t care.

Freda: What were some barriers that you face or some challenges?

Inecio: Teachers and admin didn’t care about students, cared more about the vibe but not the students. There were some cool teachers but most were there to teach kids work and not really care about them. I got kicked out of Highline in my sophomore year. They said that they would set me up with Evergreen but they didn’t transfer for me so when I went to Evergreen I wasn’t even in their system. I came to PSSC for auto body during my junior year.

Freda: Why did you make the choice to come to PSSC?

Inecio: I needed something to go to because I wasn’t getting enough credits at Evergreen. When I was coming to PSSC during my junior year, it caused me to only have one class at Evergreen. I tried going to the learning center at New Start and it was online so that was cool, but I didn’t get enough credits.

Freda: How did you find out about VITAL?

Inecio: I found out about VITAL from my friend that was doing it.

Freda: What are you most proud of about your decision to come here?

Inecio: Now, I’m actually getting A’s and B’s. It’s insane.

Freda: What do you think makes VITAL different from traditional high school?

Inecio: They have the whole high school vibe, but in one room, so they focus on 30 students and not like 500. They actually get to know you. I’m on track to graduate and I would not have had an opportunity to graduate at all if it were not for VITAL.

Freda: What are your plans for after high school?

Inecio: I want to go to a technical college and get more hands on skills and make a career. PSSC sets everyone up so perfectly. They get you hands on skills right away, so now I can go to a technical college already having some skills.

Freda: Is there anyone that inspired you to not give up?

Inecio: I would say my teacher in elementary school. I know it was a long time ago, but she was a nice teacher. She stuck through and always made sure that I was caught up with everyone. Also, everyone here at VITAL.